A photo of a timber garage with a car inside with a recycled plastic slate roof

Timber Garages

Unlike brick, block or concrete, a timber garage is inherently condensation free, has natural insulation and is easily heated to provide ideal vehicle protection.

Timber Carports (Carriage House)

Carports (synonymous with Carriage Houses) are designed to offer a more traditional look than the ‘normal’ garage, and are very popular from the ‘ease of access’ point of view.

A photo of a timber carport with 2 cars parked in it

A photo of a timber building with 2 large barn doors and a window on the right

Timber Buildings

A range of Timber buildings from utility buildings to garden studios, from pump housing to pool rooms – the list is endless.

Garden Buildings

A full range of timber garden buildings, including sheds, chalet, summerhouse, workshop, solar and potting sheds, mini sheds and garden tidys.

A photo of a potting shed in a garden next to a compost bin